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Affordable HIGH SENSITIVITY      Get spectra from a few micrograms of sample      Take less from drug lead libraries      Don't dilute your sample needlessly      Excellent data quality and low noise      Up to 100x faster than 5mm probes      Boost utilization of existing magnets      Get 1D proton spectra in a few minutes      Get 2D correlation spectra in a few hours      MicroFlow NMR rapidly pays for itself      Eliminate cost of tubes      Eliminate climbing of ladders      Economical use of deuterated solvents      Save sample preparation time and cost      Minimize isotope reagent consumption      And Much More!

Special Offers!

Special Offers!

Take a look at our current ENC2014 special offers!

Offers extended until 12/31/2014 with quotation.

Limit one offer per account.

#1:  Trade in your Classic CapNMR ICG Probe for the new CapNMR FlowThru Probe.

Get 30% trade-in credit toward any new CapNMR Probe if you order before 12/31/2014.

#2 Upgrade your Silver Plan to a Gold Plan for Maximum Uptime

Call to hear about our premium services to better support you!

#3 Buy Microplate NMR Automation with 'WorkCenter' One-Minute NMR

Now you can work with up to four dedicated NMR solvents for the highest throughput.

#4 Get the BioFlow NMR Probe for Your Life Science Molecules

Proton, carbon, nitrogen!  Get a Rollback to the original 2004 Intro Price

#5 Cut the Cost of NMR in Half with Dual Flowcells.  Get twice the work done!

Get the second flowcell at half the price of the first flowcell.

#6 Automate the Loading and Recovery of Your Precious Sample

Get the Intro Price for Protasis' New Citation PBSL System

#7 Run NMR on Your Existing Mass-Directed LC-MS Fractions

We'll get you going with a FREE Fraction Collector.

#8 Integrate Seamlessly with ACD/Labs Structure Verification

Get FREE Integration and Reporting with Uptime Support Plan

>> Facility Manager's Choice:  Need to Support an Entire Department?

We'll tailor a One-Minute NMR system to your exact needs.

Protasis releases eight special offers at this year's ENC 2014 conference at the Westin in Boston, MA.  Take advantage of these probe upgrades, service upgrades and new automation configurations.  We have something for you, whether you run just one precious sample per week or thousands of samples per month.  But, hurry, time is running out to take advantage of these exceptional budget-stretching bargains.
Click on each offer above for more  details.  And call us to learn more about microNMR!
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190 Cedar Hill Street,
Marlborough, MA  01752
 TEL :  (508) 481-4163
 FAX :  (508) 481-4190

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