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Affordable HIGH SENSITIVITY      Get spectra from a few micrograms of sample      Take less from drug lead libraries      Don't dilute your sample needlessly      Excellent data quality and low noise      Up to 100x faster than 5mm probes      Boost utilization of existing magnets      Get 1D proton spectra in a few minutes      Get 2D correlation spectra in a few hours      MicroFlow NMR rapidly pays for itself      Eliminate cost of tubes      Eliminate climbing of ladders      Economical use of deuterated solvents      Save sample preparation time and cost      Minimize isotope reagent consumption      And Much More!

microNMR Probes

Protasis MicroNMR Probes surprised the NMR community in 2002 with sensitivity and speed from a simple, economical detector with 'no moving parts.'  Its 1mm solenoid microcoils provide short-pulse width, low power detection that provide exceptional spectra with mass sensitivity 10X better than a 5mm conventional probe.  Indeed, it provides comparable mass sensitivity to 5mm cryoprobes at much lower initial cost and with minimal maintenance cost. 

Miniaturization lowers sample utilization to micrograms instead of milligrams and allows the use of standard laboratory liquid handlers and inexpensive consumables including 96- and 384-well microplates and 12mm plastic or glass vial racks.  Tapered bottoms allow convenient dry-down to swap protonated solvents with deuterated solvents as the last sample preparation step, with large savings in solvent cost.  Protasis MicroNMR probes let you run NMR on your mass-directed LC-MS fractions naturally without the extra time and cost for tube-filling.

MICRONMR detectors are so small that we can fit two independent detectors in one probe body.  Each detector has its own inlet and outlet.  Each detector may be optimized for size, nuclei and solvent with no loss of performance compared to our single flowcell probes.  Two samples can be run simultaneously by interleaving scans using a novel pulse sequence to control an RF switching relay.  This allows us to double the work you can get done with your existing NMR system!

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