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Affordable HIGH SENSITIVITY      Get spectra from a few micrograms of sample      Take less from drug lead libraries      Don't dilute your sample needlessly      Excellent data quality and low noise      Up to 100x faster than 5mm probes      Boost utilization of existing magnets      Get 1D proton spectra in a few minutes      Get 2D correlation spectra in a few hours      MicroFlow NMR rapidly pays for itself      Eliminate cost of tubes      Eliminate climbing of ladders      Economical use of deuterated solvents      Save sample preparation time and cost      Minimize isotope reagent consumption      And Much More!

Liquid Handlers

Liquid Handlers

Advanced Sample Management:  Get Five-Star Service for Your Samples!

The PAL series of sample loaders provide outstanding performance and maximum flexibility for your NMR sample processing system.  Sample capacity up to 24 microplates within 50cm of benchspace are unmatched in the industry.  Temperature controlled storage makes it easy to cool down samples to prevent degradation or heat up samples for kinetic studies.  CTC’s PAL instrument design provides worry-free operation and low maintenance costs.  Use Integrated Table-top Sample Prep Cartridges (ITSP) for filtering or pre-concentration (SPE).

 High Performance Features:

  • Lowest Volume Pickup (< 1 uL)
  • Compatible with HTSL-1100
  • 2 minute cycle time or less
  • Sample makes contact with syringe and needle only—short sample flow path
  • Sample is pushed into loop for quick loading
  • Active Wash Station washes syringe and outside of needle.
  • Lowest carryover possible.
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3 Drawer PAL Stack with Heater/Cooler
6 Drawer (12 position) Stack for CTC PAL
LEAP ITSP Sample Prep
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Sample Return Syringe
3 Drawer (6 position) Stack for CTC PAL
3 Drawer (6 position) Stack for CTC/LEAP Liquid Handler Description:  6 Position stack for..
Active Reverse Rinse
This unique system will: Confirm the integrity of loop-filling using a liquid sensor Back..
CTC/LEAP Injection Valve & Actuator
Add a second injection valve to enable two dedicated flowpaths for your Protasis Dual Flowcell Pro..
CTC/LEAP Liquid Handler Brochure
Flexible Sample Storage 12 regular or 6 deep-well microtiter plates 1ml vials 2ml vials ..
LEAP Fast Wash Station
Dual syringe washstions for CTC/LEAP PAL liquid handlers. ..
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