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Affordable HIGH SENSITIVITY      Get spectra from a few micrograms of sample      Take less from drug lead libraries      Don't dilute your sample needlessly      Excellent data quality and low noise      Up to 100x faster than 5mm probes      Boost utilization of existing magnets      Get 1D proton spectra in a few minutes      Get 2D correlation spectra in a few hours      MicroFlow NMR rapidly pays for itself      Eliminate cost of tubes      Eliminate climbing of ladders      Economical use of deuterated solvents      Save sample preparation time and cost      Minimize isotope reagent consumption      And Much More!

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Analytical samples come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes NMR tubes are still best.  But now you can also load samples from microplates, vial racks or microfluidic cartridges.  You can load LC-MS fractions directly without the cost or time for tube-filling.  One-Minute NMR makes walk-up, open access or high-throughput library building easy!

See all of the ways we can manage samples from simple manual loading with a 25uL syringe, to semi-automated ('push-button) loading with a loop injection valve, to fully automated, high-speed loading with the popular CTC/LEAP liquid handler.  Small footprint (36" x 24") carted systems are available, perfect when space is tight.

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WorkPlace Systems (6' L x 3' W x 40" H)
Sturdy, welded steel tubeframe benches with chemically-resistant epoxy-resin countertop.  Li..
Citation PBSL Wheeled Cart (HDPP)
Metro Starsys
Rack Sliders
Stainless Steel Case Cart (29"W)
Lakeside One Door Stainless Steel Case Carts - 18" Width Wire Shelf Case Carts are the ult..
WorkCenter Pedestal Rack (steel)
This small-footprint package is only 24" wide x 36" deep.  We start with a sturdy, we..
Beach Lupins
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