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Affordable HIGH SENSITIVITY      Get spectra from a few micrograms of sample      Take less from drug lead libraries      Don't dilute your sample needlessly      Excellent data quality and low noise      Up to 100x faster than 5mm probes      Boost utilization of existing magnets      Get 1D proton spectra in a few minutes      Get 2D correlation spectra in a few hours      MicroFlow NMR rapidly pays for itself      Eliminate cost of tubes      Eliminate climbing of ladders      Economical use of deuterated solvents      Save sample preparation time and cost      Minimize isotope reagent consumption      And Much More!

per Incident Repairs

per Incident Repairs

Want to 'Pay As You Go' for Field Service?  No problem! 

Protasis provides the same services offered in its popular Uptime Support Plans on a 'per Incident' basis.

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Installation Kit  - Automation Startup
Remote Optimization
Modern network tools like WebEx and VNC allow us to watch over your shoulder or even take control ..
Replace & Recertify:  CapNMR Detector
Protasis will can replace the detector module for your CapNMR and recertify the refurbished probe ..
Replace & Recertify:  CapNMR Flowpath
CapNMR 100um ID Teflon Transfer Line
Keep a spare transfer line in your Consumables Kit.  We'll cut it to the right length for y..
Get Deuterated Solvents in Ready-to-Go GL-45 Brown Glass Bottles!
Now get high purity deuterated NMR solvents in foil-sealed, brown glass bottles WITH GL-45 threads..
Installation Kit - CapNMR Probe
Startup Kit for CapNMR Probes. Includes: Fittings, Tubing, Calibration Solutions and other items ..
One-Minute NMR Software Upgrade
Protasis continues to add automation features to One-Minute NMR,  so you will want to keep yo..
PIRT:  Pump Seals
Pump seals should be replaced every two years (typically). ..
PIRT: Valve Rotors
Valve rotors should be replaced once a year, ideally during an annual Preventive Maintenance visit..
PIRT: Valve Upgrade
Upgrade to the new Rheodyne Titan Valves!  The're smart because they have their own I2C con..
Preventive Maintence - Annual Visit
Say the word and Protasis will visit your laboratory once a year and maintain the probe, sample load..
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