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Consumables Kit - WorkCenter
Always have the right parts on hand with the Protasis CapNMR Uptime Support Consumables Kit. This..
Dave Detlefsen's Metabolite ID Poster
Ask for Dave Detlefsen's poster showing how CapNMR compares with mass spectrometry alone for met..
Evaluation Probe
Imagine the advantages of going big without slowing down. The big 19" 941BW monitor combines ..
Field Installation & Operator Training
Protasis certifies every CapNMR Probe at the University of Illinois (where microcoil NMR was in..
FlowThru CapNMR for Reaction Monitoring
Now you can interface directly to your round-bottom flask!  Protasis' CapNMR FLOWTHRU(tm) W..
Fragment-based Discovery
Half-Rack Tower Instrument Server
He Cylinder Regulator
High Throughput Natural Products Dereplication
In-Door DSCM
In-Door DSCM Upgrade
Pressure Sensing Model-based Controller Fills Bottles Precisely We'll email you if your he..
Installation Kit  - Automation Startup
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