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Consumables Kit - WorkCenter

Consumables Kit - WorkCenter
Brand: Protasis Corporation
Product Code: The Right Part at Hand
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Always have the right parts on hand with the Protasis CapNMR Uptime Support Consumables Kit.

This kit comes FREE with your Uptime Support Plan*.  You may also purchase the kit separately.

*  Each consumable kit is tailored for your installation OR you may customize the kit contents.



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Parts List

Item Each
2 x Inline MicroFilter Kit
1 x Plug. PEEK Extra Long
5 x Inline MicroFilter Disks (for CUCKF)
1 x Carrying Case
1 x 100% D2O (5 ml)
1 x Acetone-d6 (5 ml)
1 x 10% Hyrdogen Peroxide in water (5ml)
1 x .6mM Oxalic Acid in water (5 mL)
1 x 1.0 nM KOH in 50% water, 50% ethanol (5 mL)
1 x 5% CHCL3 in Acetone-d6 (.5 mL in small vial)
1 x Standard - 10 mM sucrose in D2O (.5 mL in small vial)
1 x Leap Needle Sleeves for Injection Port
1 x L-Mark Syringe for CTC autosampler (2-pack)
1 x Filter Disk for Gas Supply
5 x Plugs for Rheodyne Valve
1 x Nuts for Solvent Manifold to Rheodyne Valve
8 x Gray Nuts for Wash Station Manifold
1 x 
1 x Sleeves - Large Green for Union and Capillary
1 x Nut & Ferrule for Rheodyne Valve, Metal Tubing
1 x Union - 10-32 PEEk NanoTight
1 x Nuts F-330x for use with Soft Tubing
1 x Stanley Organizer with 25 Removable Bins

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