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High Throughput Natural Products

High Throughput Natural Products
Brand: Protasis Corporation
Product Code: OAHT-NMR-NP
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Protasis High Throughput NMR Natural Products System

Typical Configuration

  • Protasis CapNMRTM ICG Probe
  • Protasis One-Minute NMR Software
    • Talks to Varian or Bruker Spectrometers
    • Seamless Interface to ACD Structure Confirmation Software
    • Accurate %Yield and Purity in a single step with ERETIC
  • Protasis MultiSolvent HTSL + DSCM
  • CTC/LEAP PAL Liquid Handler
  • Vacuum Centrifuge
  • Varian or Bruker Spectrometer
  • 400 MHz Shielded Magnet


The One-Minute NMR system simplifies the integration of LC and NMR using any mix of 96– or 384-well plates or vials for purified fractions.

Now you can accelerate your natural products discovery by scaling down and speeding up your entire analytical process. Imagine getting definitive structure elucidation with NMR using a tiny fraction of the raw material needed with a 5mm tube. You can get more with less, starting today. Chemists and their managers immediately appreciate the ability to obtain a complete suite of NMR spectra from sub-microgram samples with the convenience of walk-away, unattended operation. When you consider smaller initial sample collection, easier sample prep, safe robotic sample handling, elimination of the cost and effort to fill and shim tubes with improved magnet utilization due to faster spectral acquisition,  Protasis One-Minute NMR is a system that easily justifies itself in any natural products lab. Plan Your Expedition to the ends of the Earth and Sea to collect

The workflow presented here was used in a collaborative study with professor John Blunt of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.Is this a new molecule

Evaporate HPLC Fractions Into Tapered Low-Volume Wells or VialsUsing Vacuum Centrifuge

Log in samples quickly from any web browser with One-Minute NMR. Run overnight.

1. Reconstitute Dry Sample and Boost Concentration in Deuterated Solvent
2. Acquire Suite of 1D Proton and 2D Correlation Spectra
3. Use same well map for NMR and MS

For many samples, the best way to interface LC to NMR is using a laboratory-standard fraction collector / liquid handler combination between the instruments to provide a sample handling buffer (e.g. microplates) and allow for solvent changeover and pre-concentration.

Protasis can help speed your quest for new molecular entities by integrating NMR into your HPLC or LC/MS operations. Adding the rich functional group information available from proton and correlation NMR spectra to your ELSD, UV and MS results provides certain structure elucidation. A typical analytical-scale HPLC peak is an ideal size match for the CapNMR detector. The benefits and cost savings with reduced sample mass requirements ripple through your entire process from smaller scale HPLC through economical sample collection. Want even more efficiency? The Protasis One-Minute NMR platforms are a great way to introduce NMR automation to your discovery chemists. Samples can be transferred easily from the fraction collector on an HPLC system without the additional cost or time required to transfer samples to NMR tubes.


Nuclei 1H {13C} / 2H lock, with {15N} option

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