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Flexible, Walk-Up, Open-Access NMR

Flexible, Walk-Up, Open-Access NMR
Brand: Protasis Corporation
Product Code: OAHT-NMR-TL
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Protasis Walk-Up, Open-Access Teaching Lab System

Typical Configuration

  • Protasis CapNMR ICG Probe
  • Protasis One-Minute NMR Software
    • Talks to Agilent, Varian, Bruker or JEOL Spectrometers
    • Seamless Interface to ACD Structure Confirmation Software
    • Accurate %Yield and Purity in a single step with ERETIC
  • Protasis MultiSolvent HTSL + DSCM
  • CTC/LEAP PAL Liquid Handler
  • Vacuum Centrifuge
  • Bruker, Agilent, Varian or JEOL Spectrometer
  • 400 MHz Shielded Magnet

Get an optimized solution that can power your entire Chemistry Department!  This Protasis Open-Access Teaching Lab System is supporting structure confirmation for a sample workload of 1000+ samples per term month in a departments with 200+ chemistry majors.

Protasis can help you assemble a complete, dedicated multi-user NMR system for your Medicinal Chemistry department to serve all of your synthesis chemists. It is capable of processing hundreds of samples per day in up to three different solvents. Multiple methods can be defined for each sample using flexible, editable scripts that are sent to your spectrometer over a standard LAN.

The Protasis One-Minute NMR platform is a great way to introduce NMR automation to your synthesis chemists.  You can mix and match laboratory-standard microplates and microvials freely on the fast, reliable CTC/LEAP liquid handlers that have proven themselves so well in mass spectrometry applications. Samples can be loaded directly from any HPLC system without the additional cost or time required to transfer samples to NMR tubes. 

Protasis CapNMR probes are already sensitive and fast.  To take full advantage of this revolutionary capability,  Protasis adds convenient fully-automated sample loading using a standard injection loop. You can walk away with confidence knowing that your precious sample will be positioned accurately in the center of the NMR flowcell.  Then your complete set of experiments can be executed and monitored efficiently by One-Minute NMR software. 

Once acquired, One-Minute NMR can automatically send your 1D spectra to ACD/Lab’s Structure Confirmation algorithm to determine match and purity scores. If you need more information, it will automatically schedule additional 2D experiments. A report with links to the results is emailed to each user. All acquired spectra can be reviewed in exquisite detail using ACD/Lab’s spectral viewers.

The Protasis Structure Confirmation System is the highest performing system available for active departments that are building and certifying molecular
libraries. Use mass spectrometry to provide molecular weight. But use One-Minute NMR to provide highcertainty structure confirmation, % yield and purity so that you can fully characterize your valuable molecules.


Nuclei 1H {13C} / 2H lock, {15N} optional

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