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Gilson 203B Fraction Collector

Gilson 203B Fraction Collector
Gilson 203B Fraction Collector
Brand: Gilson
Product Code: FRAC-203B
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Want to get started right away with LC-MS+NMR?  Protasis can help.

You can add a simple, fast Gilson 203B Fraction Collector to almost any existing HPLC or LC-MS system.

Chances are your LC vendor already supports it.  And Protasis can 'talk' to it to support specialized applications.

We can also help you get timed or mass-directed fractions from most chromatographs.  Then you can simply dry down the protonated solvents quickly in a vacuum centrifuge and you are ready to run microplates or vial racks directly on a One-Minute NMR system. 

Remember that every chromatography fraction is mass-limited.  That makes Protaiss CapNMR probes a perfect match for HPLC and LC-MS fractions.  And you cannot beat the simplicity and economy of using your existing chromatograph and low-cost plates and vials.  You'll save money by eliminating tubes and save time by eliminating tube filling.  And you will see a nice pre-concentration performance boost and and save even more money by reconstituting your samples in only a few microliters of deuterated solvent in the last preparation step.  We can even run dry plates directly using the versatile CTC/LEAP liquid handler.

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