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Brand: Protasis Corporation
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CapNMR Probes Go Back To School

Chemistry Departments Add One-Minute NMR for Efficient Structure Confirmation

Protasis One-Minute NMR software has run hundreds of thousands synthesis confirmation samples for pharmaceutical companies since 2005.  Now Organic Chemistry groups at major universities are choosing One-Minute NMR to manage their similarly large workloads of organic synthesis Structure Confirmation samples.  Princetion University installed a Triple-Solvent One-Minute NMR in their Chemistry Department in February, 2007 to serve several synthesis groups on campus, including the newly arrived research group of Dr. David McMillan.  Dr. Istvan Pelczer, Princeton’s NMR Facility Manager noted, ”CapNMR provides excellent spectra for small molecules with modest use of solvent and sample. Compatibility with a fast liquid handler and standard plates and vials was critical to supporting the large number of students and samples that we expect on our 600 MHz NMR system.” 

Also, in February, 2007, Protasis initiated a program to implement One-Minute NMR to automate Natural Products characterization with Dr. Kerry McPhail in the Pharmacy Department at Oregon State University.  McPhail, noted, “CapNMR has already enabled the acquisitioin of excellent spectra from miniscule amounts of our precious samples.”

In March, 2007, the University of Toronto won an equipment upgrade grant to add a One-Minute NMR system to their Chemistry Department for both Natural Products and Synthesis Confirmation automation.  This system is also expected to benefit from the universities collaboration with ACD/Labs, headquartered nearby.  Protasis software integrates seamlessly with ACD/Labs Spectrum Database and Web Librarian software.  Dr William Reynolds has used CapNMR at U-Toronto for several years and noted, “The probe provides excellent spectra.  We are pleased to give our chemistry students access to this capability.”

 Most recently, in December, 2007, Boston University’s Center for Methodology and Library Development installed a One-Minute NMR system for their microsynthesis program.

Facility Managers at universities are attracted to the web-base reservation system that allows students to reserve sample space on the system and define their NMR experiments in advance using scripts of standard spectrometer commands.  The scheduler eliminates queues of students waiting for NMR time.  Just drop of the sample into your reserved tray location and the sample will be run automatically using your script.  Once done the spectra and confirmation results will be emailed to the student’s lab or dorm room. 

Nuclei 1H {13C} / 2H lock

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