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CryoFree NMR Process Analyzer

CryoFree NMR Process Analyzer
Brand: Protasis Corporation
Product Code: NMRD
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VeriTAS NMR Process Analyzer is a newly developed 4.7 T (200 MHz 1H operating frequency) cryogen-free NMR system which utilizes a high-temperature (~18 K) superconducting magnet cooled by a standard helium compressor and driven by a high stability power supply.  The system is controlled and analysis is performed with a new state-of-the-art single board (FPGA) spectrometer.  The system is designed to be portable, allowing for rapid cooling and ramping of the magnet to field without the need for expensive cryogens or a trained engineer.

The system can be coupled with a FlowThru CapNMR 30uL probe to investigate a multitude of samples, ranging from traditional organic
compounds to complex reaction mixtures. Time course reaction studies may be acquired automatically.  Spectra are exported in standard jcamp file format and can be analyzed by ACD/Labs Spectrus or Mestrelabs Mnova.


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