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CapNMR TXI Probe

CapNMR TXI Probe
CapNMR TXI Probe
Brand: Protasis Corporation
Product Code: Triple Inverse
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Protasis MRM extends its family of MicroFlow NMR to the exciting world of proteomics with the new Triple Inverse z-Gradient probe.  Like the popular proton-only and indirect carbon gradient probes before it, the TXI probe’s capillary flowcell significantly enhances NMR mass sensitivity to enable 1D,  2D and 3D homo- and heteronuclear NMR spectra from as little as 50 micrograms of target protein.  Flowcells only 5uL in volume allow spectral acquisition up to 100x faster than conventional probes enabling rapid 2D and 3D experiments.

Protein sample utilization is drastically reduced over conventional scale systems. The TXI probe is proving itself to be particularly effective in providing structural information on low expressing proteins and therefore,  opens a new route for structural proteomic studies. This permits significant savings in work-up time, expensive reagents (labeled media for the production of labeled protein) and makes high throughput automated micro-expression and purification systems practical.
The transfer lines on the TXI probe are snon-stick Teflon FEP tubing.  The flowcell is smooth, rugged, fused silica that is compatible with established electrophoresis wall coatings to minimize protein sticking problems.  Protasis/MRM probes are easy to use, reliable to operate and adaptable to all major spectrometer systems.  Load manually or with Protasis Life Science Automation solutions.

Nuclei 1H {13C} {15N} / 2H lock

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