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"An analysis of biofluids (blood, urine, cell extracts, etc.) provides a snapshot of the biological processes of an individual that can be used in applications from diagnostics to drug efficacy and toxicity. The Protasis/MRM capillary NMR automation system is an essential component of Novatia’s biofluid NMR analysis package and allows us to provide a unique service to the research community."

"As a contract laboratory with hundreds of samples in backlog, we needed a way to get the most out of our available magnet time. We purchased OneMinuteNMR because it is the best and most cost-effective NMR automation system available."

Dave Detlefsen, Novatia, LLC,
Human Serum Application Note

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Dave Detlefsen Monmouth Junction, NJ 22:29:00 08-27-2013
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