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How do I set my needle depth?

Go to the Main Menu (F1 soft key).  Select F3 > Setup > Objects > Tray Types.

Select your Tray Type.  Example:  MT384 (normal 384-well plate) OR DW96 (deep-96-well plate) OR VT54 (12mm vial rack).

Scroll down and check setting for Tray Thickness.  An MT96 or MT384 plate will typically default to 14.5mm.  You should measure your plate or vial thickness with a ruler or caliper.  This needs to be accurate and the same for all 'Tray Locations' defined to use this 'Tray Type'.

Scroll down to Max Needle Depth and Needle Penetration.  The Max setting should be to maximum depth allowed.  The actual penetration should back off from this value by 0.2mm or more.  You can measure this OR you can adjust the needle slowly until it hits bottom and then back off by about 1mm.  Try to keep the needle penetration at least 1-2mm above the bottom to prevent damage and reduce particulate pickup.

For very small samples (less than 25uL) use tapered bottom vial or wells.

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