Current Upgrades

Keep your CapNMR Probe and One-Minute NMR Automation System Running in Top Condition!

  • Upgrade One-Minute NMR to Windows 7 or 8.1

    One-Minute NMR was developed on Windows XP platforms.  A decade later, Microsoft has moved on to improved tools and now you can too!  Upgrade to our Windows 8 (or Windows 7, if your company prefers it) and you’ll run faster and achieve new levels of performance and security.  This upgrade is free to Uptime Support Plan customers.  Subscribe for two years or more and we’ll also upgrade your Instrument Server for FREE!  You’ll get a new mainboard with faster CPU, more RAM and a new, larger hard drive.

  • Automate your existing CapNMR probe

    Still loading your CapNMR probe one ‘precious’ sample at a time?  Then you are getting good results–manual syringe loading is still sensitivity, simplicity and economy at its very best.  But you could get even more results overnight or over the weekend by adding one of our semi- or fully-automated sample loaders.  Have a CTC/LEAP liquid handler we could redeploy?  That is a good start and would get you running at a significant cost savings.  Look for a used HTC or HTS PAL in good condition and we’ll give it new life.

  • Run plates and vials directly on your cryoprobe.

    Did you know you can run microplates or vial racks on your Bruker cryoprobe or Agilent cold probe?  One-Minute NMR is now compatible with flowcell inserts that you can easily drop into your cryo- or cold-probe in a few minutes.  The inlet tubing goes all the way through the bore and comes out through a port in the VT manifold.  The outlet tubing goes to waste or can go back to the CTC/LEAP liquid handler for recollection.  Bruker offers 15, 30 and 60uL active volumes with their CryoFit flow inserts.  Agilent offers 60uL active volumes.  Many customers already have these inserts.  No you can use them to good advantage!

  • Get Zero Dispersion Sample Loading (ZDSL).

    Samples can be loaded in about two minutes using an inert fluorocarbon push liquid to displace the sample and park it in the downstream flowcell.  The fluorocarbon is immiscible with NMR solvents so samples are moved as plugs with no dilution during transport to the flowcell.  The result is striking!  Zero Dispersion Sample Loading (ZDSL) provides up to two-fold increases in S/N compared to same-solvent sample loading.  Since concentration is maintained, this system is ideal for quantitation of library samples or biologically sensitive screening studies.  Ask for the Amgen ENC2013 poster.

  • Trade-In For The New FlowThru CapNMR Porbe

    The Classic 5uL and 10uL CapNMR ICG and TXI probes still have the highest mass sensitivity.  Use them if your are mass-limited.  But if you have a little more sample, you can take advantage of our new 1.7mm 30uL FlowThru CapNMR Probe and get twice the signal-to-noise figure (compared to 10uL).  This probe also has wide-bore (200um) inlet and outlet diameters to faciliate flowthrough monitoring from stirred tank reactors or similar processes.  Operate at 100uL/min flowrates with only~150psig backpressure!

  • Want to amp your productivity?

    If you are in a larger departments with many users and/or many samples, ask about our new rack pedestal (on wheels) Discovery NMR WorkCenter package with up to four independent HTSL pumps and four 500mL solvent reservoirs.

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