• Field Installation

    We’ll optimize your probe and automation system!

  • Operator Training

    We’ll show you how to get he best results!

  • System Validation

    We’ll recertify your CapNMR probe in your magnet.

Customer Support

Workcenter SS Case Cart - Amgen 600MHz - CloseFrontRight - 3000W - 0892All Protasis systems are certified at the factory and then installed and recertified at your facility.  Then we’;ll train all operators and show you how to get the best results from your probe or automation sytem.  With this solid preparation, we find that most follow-up questions can be handled by telephone or by remote WebEx or VNC sessions.   We can offer guided tutorials and suggest interactive diagnostics.  Most software updates can now be handled remotely.  Thus, Protasis support staff can resolve most customer concerns quickly.   Networking provides you with fast access to technical support personnel.  If a problem is identified that requires hardware repairs, we will typically isolate the problem to a probe or fluidic or computer module.  Probes are shipped to Savoy, Illinois and computers, sample loaders and solvent conditioners are shipped to Marlborough, MA for servicing.   Protasis responds to all repairs with a sense of urgency to provide the shortest downtime possible.  We are committed to providing the highest quality support services for our growing customer base of process and research instruments worldwide.

Field Installations and Performance Maintenance

After the initial probe installation, Protasis Service is available for additional visits to optimize results (e.g., create probe shim files).

Remote Diagnostics

Protasis can use WebEx or VNC to access your Instrument Server or spectrometer computer.  From there we can run diagnostics, guide tutorials, or upgrade software.  We can even shim probes remotely.

Operator Training and Certification

Protasis offers a variety of training classes at its Sales Offices, over-the-web, or through special arrangement at your facility. View a list of available training classes by location. Discover the valuable resources available through our MicroFlow NMR Training and Support Center.  Whether you are an NMR novice or an experienced analyst, MicroFlow NMR training helps you make the most of your analysis investment. If you manage a larger NMR facility, we have a variety of intensive hands-on training courses tailored to fit your budget and your staff’s different levels of expertise.

Spare Parts and Kits

Many parts are now listed on The microNMR Outlet our combination catalog/store.  You can also restock your installation or Consumables Kit there.

System Validation

Protasis probes and automation systems are certified at the factory and recertified when installed in the field.  We recommend an annual Performance Maintenance visit–our trained servicep erson can check out the entire system, replace filters and plumbing, reload and upgrade software and recertify everything.

Uptime Support Plans

Protasis subscription services entitles you to major upgrades and service packs, comprehensive hotline support, and 24 x 7 access to the latest enhancements, downloads, technical tips, and additional value-added resources. As a member of a support plan, you can access comprehensive technical information via the web and participate more actively in the global community of MicroFlow NMR users.  Protasis offers several different support plans designed to meet the needs of our diverse user’s budgets and workflow patterns.

Many service options come with your purchase to ensure that your startup experience with a Protasis product is smooth and productive. Over time, we encourage most customers to budget ahead for their routine servicing requirements. This prevents unanticipated downtime and cost. support plans come with the comprehensive telephone support and web training to help you get the most use of your CapNMR probe. For about 10% of your initial purchase, the Protasis Uptime Assurance Plan, Silver Level lets you budget ahead for your routine probe maintenance and provides a package of value-added subscription services to keep the results flowing in your laboratory.

Available plans include:

  • Silver Level (Depot Repair)
  • Gold Level
  • per Incident Repairs
  • Tailored Plans for Your Special Requirements

Call us at 508-481-4163 for more information.

Uptime Support

Silver Level

  • Umbrella Coverage

    Cover all Protasis-manufactured equipment.  Extend warranty.  Clean & recertify whenever needed.

  • Telephone Support

    Assist to maintain peak probe performance.  Structured diagnostics.  Guide application & use of probe.  Guide fluidic management

  • Web Tutorials

    Access advanced tutorials to help you brush up on specific skills and quickly train new operators.

  • Software Updates

    Protasis improves software and firmware regularly.  Get the latest software.  We’ll even install it, check it and wash your MS Windows.

  • Consumable Kits

    Receive a comprehensive kit of parts and tools, to quickly and conveniently perform minor repairs, filter changes or other operations common to flow-based instruments.

Uptime Support

Gold Level

  • Backup Probe

    We’ll build a backup probe and keep it ready for use.

  • Priority Response

    We’ll diagnose your problem within 24 hours and ship the backup probe if it is needed to get you up and running.

  • On-Site Checkup

    We’ll make an annual performance maintenance visit to keep your probe and automation running in top condition.

  • Opertator Retraining

    People move.  Even magnets move.  We’ll train you new operators when needed.

  • Applications ForumCo

    Connect to the knowledgbase of our expert customers in regional reference laboratories.