One-Minute NMR Platform


One-Minute NMR Overview

Now you can obtain the highest quality NMR spectra automatically with less sample in less time:

  • LEAP & Tower Side 2 HQHighest mass sensitivity (micrograms)
  • One minute fluidic cycle time
  • One minute proton spectra
  • 2D spectra in a few hours
  • One-Minute NMR Software
  • Web-based with the same browser interface for Agilent, Bruker, Varian INOVA and JEOL
  • Load from standard laboratory consumables;
    • low volume vials
    • 96-well plates
    • 384-well plates, etc.
  • Downsize to MicroFlow NMR and save on sample utilization, reagent cost, tube cost and magnet time

Who uses NMR Automation?

  • Mass-limited researchers building full libraries of 1D and 2D spectra
  • Multi-user facilities that want improved NMR productivity
  • Biofluids analysts need higher throughout for serum and urine
  • Facility managers wanting to breathe new life into existing 400 MHz NMR systems
  • Anyone that wants automated use standard microplates or vials

We believe that end-user collaboration is key to creation of quality products that deliver the results you need. 

The One-Minute NMR system was designed by a team of NMR spectroscopists, software developers and fluidic engineers.  Participating NMR users helped out by specifying their needs and providing feedback as development began. The resulting modular, expandable Discovery Platform can keep up with your  sample demand today and can evolve to meet your laboratory’s changing needs and increasing workloads.  One-Minute NMR delivers advanced features across the discovery and development value chain, from natural product chemists to biofluids analysis to trace impurity identification.  Every chemist and their managers will appreciate the productivity boost and convenience of walk-away, unattended operation, with special support for overnight samples.  When you consider the reduced sample prep for new samples, reduced sample utilization from existing libraries, reduced reagent and solvent consumption, elimination of the cost and climbing of tubes. and improved magnet utilization due to faster spectral acquisition, this is a system that easily justifies itself in any NMR facility with multiple users or many samples.

Protasis Discovery Platforms deliver amplified performance in software and hardware, applied to real-world customers and samples.


One-Minute NMR Requirements

Operating System

Windows XP Professional (Legacy Support for Existing Customers)

Windows 7, 8 or 8.1


4GB (minimum)

Hard Drive

1TB (typical installation)


Windows Professional is required. .NET Framework and SQ Server run-time are used.

Compatible NMR Operating Systems


Windows (Bruker)

Compatible Spectrometers






Internet Explorer 8 should be used for Windows XP systems.

Internet access is required for the installation.

BU-CMLD Loads 54-Vial Tray

Open-Access NMR


“The walk-up spectrometers are accounted in 10-minute increments and can be used reserved for blocks of time ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on the time of day and whether the usage is on a weekend or weekday. To gain access to these instruments, please Request a xxxx CIC Account. After we have evaluated your needs, CIC staff will create your accounts and schedule training sessions as appropriate.”


  1. Log in your sample from any browser, tablet or smartphone.
  2. Bring the sample to the NMR system and place it in the reserved tray location.
  3.  Click the Run button. Walk away.  Your results will be waiting in your Inbox.