Uptime Support Plans

Protasis subscription services entitles you to major upgrades and service packs, comprehensive hotline support, and 24 x 7 access to the latest enhancements, downloads, technical tips, and additional value-added resources. As a member of a support plan, you can access comprehensive technical information via the web and participate more actively in the global community of MicroFlow NMR users. Protasis offers several different support plans designed to meet the needs of our diverse user’s budgets and workflow patterns.

Many service options come with your purchase to ensure that your startup experience with a Protasis product is smooth and productive. Over time, we encourage most customers to budget ahead for their routine servicing requirements. This prevents unanticipated downtime and cost. support plans come with the comprehensive telephone support and web training to help you get the most use of your CapNMR probe. For about 10% of your initial purchase, the Protasis Uptime Assurance Plan, Silver Level lets you budget ahead for your routine probe maintenance and provides a package of value-added subscription services to keep the results flowing in your laboratory.

Workcenter SS Case Cart - Amgen 600MHz - Front - 600W - 002

Keep Your System Running in Top Condition

We can help!  Schedule an annual performance maintanance visit.

Available Plans Include:

  • Uptime Support - Silver

    Depot repair.  Fast enough for most labs.

  • Uptime Support - GOLD

    A package of priority services for high uptime accounts.

  • per Incident Repairs

    Our standard services, but on a time and materials basis.

  • Tailored Plans

    Need somthing special.  Just ask.

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