Veritas NMR Process Analyzer

Process chemists provide critical support to connect laboratory researh to scaled-up manufacturable reactions.  There job includes evaluating reactions at different temperatures, in different solvents and with different catalysts, often with the goal of maximizing yield while minimizing by-products.  NMR is uniquely non-desctructive and universal allowing real-time monitoring of all hydrocarbon species simultanously without special calibration.  Proton NMR offers superior speed, accuracy flexibility and flowthru robustness.

Veritas NMR Process Analyzer, the first NMR on wheels!

  • It’s Cryo-Free

    No cryogent fills ever!

  • It’s Drift-Free

    Magnet is actively drift-corrected using FieldLock!

  • It’s CryoShim-Free

    Magnet is ferro-shimmed at the factory.  No cryo-shimming in the field.  No quenching worries!

  • It’s Setup-Free

    No startup specialists or cryogens required.  Flip a switch and cool down in 24 hours.  Then energize in fifteen minutes!

  • It’s Dilution-Free

    Load samples into microcoils or flowcell inserts with zero dispersion. Exactly match your active volume!

  • It Can Even Run Operator-Free!

    Veritas NMR can run autonomously and be controlled remotely, by you or by our Support Center!


Run Samples Efficiently in Microplates

BioassayPlate-001[Image courtesy of Prof. John Blunt, Univ. of Canterbury]

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Hear about the the first CryoFree NMR Process Analyzer (200 MHz HTS)

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NMR on Wheels! The world’s first cryogen-free 200 MHz HTS Magnet.


CryoFree HTS Magnets - No cryogen fills ever!


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