Natural Products


Natural products have become a major source for the generation of lead compounds for drug discovery research.  Since conventional NMR employs either 5 or 3 mm tubes, most laboratories need low milligram quantities of sample to acquire all of the necessary homo- and heteronuclear correlations for full structure elucidation.  If compounds are mass limited, as is the case in natural products drug discovery, obtaining low-milligram quantities of sample requires multiple steps of separation needing weeks or even months of time. With a capillary based microlitre volume flow cell, the acquisition of NMR spectra on the samples in trace quantities is dramatically improved.  With microNMR, structure 1280px-Echinops_Ain_Franceelucidation can be achieved within a fraction of the time needed as compared to conventional natural products chemistry.  The possibility of working with such small quantities is an important step forward in utilising natural products in drug discovery research.  This technique open doors, enabling chemists to readily discover bioactive components among the minor constituents of natural resources.

CapNMR Probes give you:

  • Sensitivity

    Get NMR Spectra from only a few micrograms of your precious sample.

  • Simplicity

    Load samples with confidence using a simple 25uL syringe.

  • Economy

    Collect and prepare less material.  Get spectra to get published faster!

Featured Speaker

Prof. John Blunt, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand