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Natural Products

natural product
Get spectra from a few micrograms of sample!

Discover New Molecules Along the Way

Discovery chemists might have the world’s supply of a novel molecule in a single microplate well. The ability to obtain complete spectra from a single drop using capillary NMR lets them work faster with the material they have, without going back to the rain forest or ocean floor to get more. But with millions of possibilities out there, these discovery researchers need reliable automation to keep pace with the demands of their search.

Metabolite Identify

NMR provides unambiguous identification!

Map New Metabolic Pathways

Hepatocyte incubations are gaining more importance in the early stages of metabolite investigations.  Due to small incubation size, however, the absolute amount of metabolite is limited and such samples suggest themselves for analysis using the MicroFlow NMR probe.  The added use of fully deuterated solvents results in higher spectral quality with the need for complex suppression.

[image courtesy of D. Detlefsen, Novatia, LLC]

Medicinal Chemistry

HSQC Spectra from 600 MHz CryoFlow NMR

Structure Confirmation in Medicinal Chemistry

Once you’ve found a promising natural or rational lead, you’ll need to synthesize it and possibly hundreds of variations.  The reagent and time cost of all of these combinations can be prohibitive.  Increasingly, Discovery researchers are scaling down.  One-Minute NMR can confirm these synthesis products quickly and efficiently without only tiny amounts of valuable samples.  Even these small amounts can be recollected also.

Reaction Monitoring

Track reactants, products and byproducts with NMR

Monitor Ongoing Reactions

Process chemists provide critical support to connect laboratory research to scaled-up production. Their job includes evaluating reactions at different temperatures, in different solvents and with different catalysts, often with the goal of maximizing yield while minimizing by-products.  NMR is uniquely non-desctructive and universal allowing real-time monitoring of all hydrocarbon species simultaneously without special calibration.  Proton NMR offers superior speed, accuracy flexibility and flowthru robustness.

Product Release

Optimize Your Process!

Confirm Product Quality

New cryogen-free HTS* magnets, operating at up to 9.4T (400 MHz 1H operating frequency with NMR homogeneity) can be operated almost anywhere, allowing NMR to be performed in process research and production settings.  These systems utilize a high-temperature (~18 K) superconducting magnet cooled by a standard helium compressor, a high stability power supply, and a new state-of-the-art single-board field-programmable spectrometer.  The system is designed to be portable, allowing for rapid cooling and ramping of the magnet to field without the need for expensive cryogens or a trained engineer.  The integrated Veritas NMR platform includes a flow-through microcoil flow probe allowing rapid investigation of a multitude of samples, ranging from traditional organic compounds to complex reaction mixtures.  Samples may be loaded directly from an ongoing process using a simple continuous sampling pump.  Alternatively, “grab” samples can be loaded from vials, plates or cartridges using a liquid handler (e.g., CTC/LEAP or similar).

Teaching Labs

Students want to see spectra for ‘their’ molecule!

Give your students an exceptional NMR experience!

We’re doing NMR automation now at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) in the organic chemistry teaching labs. At the UIUC startin in the 2010 fall term, 200 students submitted samples five times during Chem 235, their introductory laboratory course, for five different teaching experiments. That is a lot more NMR usage than we find in most teaching labs. At each school, the samples are processed in a few hours and the results were emailed to each student.  Managing the ‘thundering herd’ couldn’t be easier.

Need More Results?

Now Protasis One-Minute NMR automation runs with flow inserts for your cryoprobe!


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