MicroFlow NMR Features List

Features List


Advanced features make MicroFlow NMR a
superior alternative in many applications
to both conventional and cryo-cooled NMR probes.

CapNMR probes provide outstanding value
that will give you exceptional results and
pay for itself in a few months of normal use.

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Performance, High Sensitivity


Get Spectra From A few Micrograms of Sample

Low Power Allows Broadband Spectra

High Resolution

High Fill Factor and High Observe Factor

Low Noise / Clean Baselines

High Signal-to-Solvent Ratio

Excellent Salt Tolerance

Rapid Recovery from Steep Solvent Gradients

High Magnetic Field Gradients

Excellent Multi-Nuclear Sensitivity

Excellent Thermal Stability

Efficient Sample Delivery and Recovery


Simple and Effective


Sensible Sensitivity

Easy Shimming

Easy Tuning

Use All Your Standard NMR Methods

Sample Management Made Simple

Compatible with Varian, Bruker and JEOL

Easy Sample Recovery

Simple, Smooth Flowpath

Compatible w/ 300 MHz – 800 MHz Field Strengths

Excellent Solvent Compatibility


A Technology Boost That Pays for Itself


More Information, Less Sample

Consume Less Solvent

Affordable High Sensitivity

Maximize Magnet Utilization

Eliminate Tube Costs

Use Deuterated Solvents Exclusively

Lower Disposal Costs


Get the Spectra Now–Get Published Faster


Walk-up NMR

Rapid Probe Re-Installation

Fast Shimming with Presets

Fast Syringe Injection

Rapid Sample Loading up to 5 Meters Away

Up to 100x Faster than a Conventional 5mm Probe

Reduce Time to Acquire Full Set of 1D & 2D Spectra

No Waiting for Sample Recovery

Rapid Rinsing for Undetectable Carryover

Rapid Probe Removal and Storage


Flow-Through Reliability


Flexible, Precise Injections

Replaceable Filters Protect Flowpath

Backpressure Monitoring


Comprehensive Support


On-Site Installation
On-Site Training
Detailed Documentation
90-Day Free Telephone Support

Online Help Desk
FREE Technical Support by Email
Premium Telephone Support
Web-Based Training
per Incident Repairs OR Umbrella Coverage
Software Updates
Consumables Kit

Your answer to Affordable High Sensitivity. MicroFlow NMR


White Paper – Less is More

mathsymbolslessthanbnw-150x150The combination of sensitive capillary NMR probes, fast liquid handlers and advanced heteronuclear methods is allowing NMR to take its place alongside LC-MS in life science research. Using only micrograms of sample, MicroFlow NMR can provide definitive verification of structure and quantitation of sample amount and purity for routine characterization of new or existing molecular libraries. Read the white paper to learn about microil sensitivity, simplicity and economy!