Reaction Monitoring

Process chemists provide critical support to connect laboratory researh to scaled-up manufacturable reactions.  There job includes evaluating reactions at different temperatures, in different solvents and with different catalysts, often with the goal of maximizing yield while minimizing by-products.  NMR is uniquely non-desctructive and universal allowing real-time monitoring of all hydrocarbon species simultanously without special calibration.  Proton NMR offers superior speed, accuracy flexibility and flowthru robustness.

Protasis system solutions can enhance the efficiency and quality of most biopharmaceutical processes.

Key applications include:Reactor

  • structure confirmation of all active ingredients
  • tracking of reagent depletion over course of reaction
  • tracking of byproducts generated during reaction
  • linear quantitation of all protonated species during reaction
  • rapid flagging and identification of contaminents at any time
  • monitoring of the effects of process or manufacturing changes
  • troubleshooting product support applications.

CryoFree HTS magnets allow 200MHz (15″) or 400MHz (24″)  NMR to be used in process labs and moved when needed.

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