Field Installations

We install and certify our probes and automation systems in your lab.

Protasis certifies every CapNMR Probe at the University of Illinois (where microcoil NMR was invented).  We can lease magnet time from 300 MHz to 600 MHz there on a variety of NMR systems.  We then travel to each customer laboratory to carefully install each probe (e.g., find the ‘sweet spot’), optimize it for its new magnet (e.g., tuning and shimming).  We re-certify the probe performance on-site and confirm factory specifications.

Once installed, we’ll work with you to pass along the fine points of MicroFlow NMR (e.g., manual/automated sample loading) and show you how to achieve the best results with microcoils.  Standard probe installations take about 1.5 days.  Automation systems typically take about four days.

After the installation, we’ll follow up by telephone or email.  We can also operate the automation system and spectrometer by WebEx conference, which is very handy for teaching, debugging or demonstration.  Longer term, we suggest maintaining your probe and automation system with an Uptime Support Plan that provides for equipment repairs, telephone support, web tutorials, software upgrades and a handy consumables kit.



Keep Your System Running in Top Condition

We can help!  Schedule an annual performance maintanance visit.

  • NMR Probe Installations

    .We’ll find the sweet spot and lock the probe into position.  We’ll optimize tuning and shimming.

  • Automation System Installation

    .Well set up your liquid handler and install all of your plumbing.  We can fit into any lab.

  • Factory Certification

    Microcoil probes were invented and licensed from UIUC in the nineties.  We still test every probe there.

  • Field Certfifications

    Once the probe and automation system are installed we’ll run QC samples and test everything together.