FlowThru CapNMR Probe

for Real-Time Reaction Monitoring

Introducing a new microcoil probe!

FlowThru CapNMR Probe (New)

High Sensitiviy CapNMR ICG Probe
High Sensitiviy CapNMR ICG Probe

Monitor Progress of Multistep Reactions with NMR!



Wide-Bore Inlet for High Flowrates

800px-Newbold_canal_tunnel (1)

Large, 30uL Flowcell for Twice the S/N!


Sample Continuously From Kinetics Reactors


A New Low-Pressure CapNMR Probe designed expressly for continuous sampling from small, stirred-tank reactors (e.g., round-bottom flasks) or similar chemical processes.


  • Wide-bore (~250um ID) inlet and outloet
  • Higr flowrates (~100uL/min typ.)
  • Low back-pressure (~150psig typ.)
  • Larger 30uL flowcell for twice the S/N (vs. 10uL)
  • Swept flowpath is easy to keep clean
  • Compatible with Zero Dispersion Sample Loading

We would like to hear about how you could use the new FlowThru CapNMR Probe.  Please call us to learn more, ask questions and share your thoughts!

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