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Protasis has a long history of research in MicroFlow NMR and began selling commercial capillary flowprobes in 2001.  Since then, this emerging trend has captured the imagination of dozens of researchers who would like connect their NMR samples with the rest of the laboratory.In 2003, in response to expanding workflow, Protasis introduced One-Minute NMRtm software and Open Access, High Throughput NMR based upon the popular LEAP PAL liquid handlers.  Now researchers can acquire the highest quality spectra available around the clock!

Who uses MicroFlow NMR?

Sample-Limited Researchers.    Increasingly scientists are challenged to do more with less sample, less reagents, less staff.  MicroFlow NMR directly helps reduce the hidden costs that sap productivity and delay results by letting researchers use available sample.

Multi-User Facilities.  As workload increased in techniques like chromatography and mass spectrometry, analysts turned to robotics to keep up.  Since MicroFlow NMR effectively removes the mass sensitivity and acquisition time bottlenecks that previously constrained NMR, you are now free to attach high throughput liquid handlers directly to your NMR system and run your samples directly from industry-standard consumables, such as sealed vials, 96-well, or even 384-well, microplates.

Already Have a Cryoprobe?  Great!  You can drop a flowcell insert into your existing Agilent cold probe or Bruker cryoprobe and be running 96- or 384-well microplates or 2mL vials five minutes later.  We call it CryoFlow NMR.  Use One-Minute NMR software.  Eliminate dilution with Zero Dispersion Sample Loading.

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