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Research interest in diagnostic screening of serum and urine is increasing rapidly.  So is the number of samples.  One-Minute NMR breaks the speed barrier holding NMR back in these emerging applications.  A single flowcell can process one thousand 1H-NMR spectra per day at low cost/sample.  Protasis supports a range of analytical options:

Use CapNMR Probes For Mass-Limited Biological Samples

Protasis/MRM CapNMR probe is an easy-to-use probe for standard NMR experiments, extending NMR analysis to small-volume biological samples without dilution. It is an enabling technique for the study of physiological changes in the fluids of small animals. Enhanced mass sensitivity, reduced cost, greater speed of analysis, and the superior fluidics of the CapNMR probetechnology make this possible.  CapNMR Probes are ideal for small samples.  Protasis offers 5uL , 10uL and 30uL (NEW, 1.7mm) flowcells.  Eliminate dilution with Protasis Zero Dispersion Sample Loading (aks ZDSL or segmented flow).

Run NMR directly from LC-MS fractions on Agilent or Bruker Cold Probes

If you have a cryoprobe you can automate sample loading directly from 96- or 384-well microplates or 12mm total recovery vials using One-Minute NMR.  Flow inserts drop into your existing cryoprobe in a few minutes and shim like a 3mm tube.  Inlet tubing goes out the bottom of your magnet bore (through a port in the VT housing) and connects to the injection valve on the CTC/LEAP liquid handler.  An outlet tube goes out the top of the magnet and connects to waste OR, alternatively, back to the liquid handler syringe for sample recollection.  No need for the cost or time or risk with tube filling.  Eliminate dilution with Protasis Zero Dispersion Sample Loading.  Go back and forth between tubes and plates or vials or cartridges at will.

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