Performance Certification

Trust in Protasis to provide affordable sensitivity to your facility.  Miniaturization gives you the highest NMR mass sensitivity attainable at the lowest sample utilization and reagent consumption.  To that we can add efficient sample management to boost productivity in your lab beyond anything you’ve ever seen.  You can process thousands of samples per month with genuine high throughput NMR analysis. We’ll prepare in our factory by assembling probes and supporting software, fluidics and robotics into integrated platforms and certifying their performance.  Then we’ll work with you at your location to install the equipment and train you on how to use it effectively to achieve full perfrormance every day.  We’ll recertify performance during the installation and provide you with the numbers that demonstrate that MicroFlow NMR is working at its top performance level with your magnet and your spectrometer.  We’ll work closely with you to plan the installation with our site preparation checklist.  Our products systems are flexible so that we can be responsive to your workflow, needs and concerns about locating One-Minute NMR equipment. Performance at this level presents special challenges.  These probes are so sensitive they will easily uncover existing inhomogeneities or vibrations in your NMR configuration.  Straightforward steps can generally resolve minor problems.  We’ll work with you to optimize your total system performance.

Orders come backed with 100% Performance Certification.  We’ll stick with you, whatever it takes to meet sensitivity specifications and get everything working together.

Let your mind rest easy. It’s part of our commitment to you as a valued customer.  If you are having any problems with your system after the installation, submit a support request through the support center for a prompt response and resolution to your problem.

For concerns about products or services, call or submit a support request through the support center for a prompt response and speedy resolution to your problem.